Planning Policy

Planning policy has undergone major changes at both national and local levels with the introduction of the National Planning Policy framework (NPPF) in 2012.

We seek to influence planning policy at national level through "Civic Voice" the national body for the civic movement.  At the local level we consult directly with Stockport MBC.

Over the next few years the Stockport Unitary Development Plan (UDP) will be replaced by a Local Development Framework (LDF).  This will guide development within the borough over the following 15 years and beyond.
The first stage of this plan, The Core Strategy, was agreed in April 2011 and set down why change is needed, what should be done and where, when and how it is going to happen.  Full details of the Core strategy can be found here.

We responded to the Core Strategy consultation and our response can be found here.  

The next stage of the LDF was the preparation of the Allocations DPD.  This document considered in detail development sites throughout the borough (there are 18 sites in Marple) and assessed their suitability for development.  Stockport MBC consulted on this during the latter part of 2011 and 2012.  A copy of the Allocations DPD papers can be found here. Our response to the Allocations DPD consultation can be found here (Appraisal Screening report) and here (Issues and Options report).

Unfortunately the consultation process has been put on hold by Stockport MBC and is now unlikely to take place until 2017 or later leaving Marple without a local plan for the forseeable future.

In planning terms, this leaves Marple in a vulnerable position. We now regularly see planning applications granted because developers refer to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), hardly a document sensitive to Marple's planning needs and never intended to be!
As a way forward, the society has proposed a Neighbourhood Plan under the Localism act 2012 and set up a steering group in January 2015 to prepare the way for the formation of a neighbourhood forum which will create and administer the plan.

Planning Applications

We monitor all planning applications in Marple and, where appropriate, submit objections and supportive comments to the local authority. 

Our principal concerns are to protect the built environment and to encourage good development.

All planning applications can be viewed
here on the planning applications Quick Search page of the SMBC website.
N.B. use 'More search options' to limit the number of records displayed.

Applications on which The Civic Society has submitted comments or objections can be viewed on the
News Page.
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