The society campaigns in its own right or with others on contentious issues and matters important to the people of Marple. In 2008 we fought hard and successfully opposed a reduction in the Hollins forecourt planned to accommodate a traffic lane at the Stockport road/Hollins Lane junction. In 2013 the junction came under threat again, highlighting the Hollins as a sensitive and vulnerable area. We are seeking to protect and regenerate this area as the 'central hub of Marple'.
In 2009 we led public opposition to an inappropriate housing development at the historic Marple Wharf canal site. We continue to seek a mixed use development for the site instead of a row of houses.

Heritage and Conservation

The society takes a keen interest in the preservation and maintenance of the 153 listed buildings and 7 conservation areas within our area.  We also seek to protect other buildings of local interest using the 'local listing' process.  A further aim is to protect our beautiful countryside and report issues of concern on Rights of Way issues.


The society is involved in a variety of interesting projects.  If you would like to help as a volunteer, please contact us through our website.

Recent and current projects include:
  • Vision for Marple - 5 year project - A series of regeneration projects, including town centre regeneration, in collaboration with Stockport MBC and the community.
  • Listing of Assets of Community Value (ACV) - to protect buildings and open spaces
  • Preparation to set up a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan for Marple
  • Oral history work relating to WW1 and the history of Marple Civic Society
  • Placecheck workshop in Marple Town Centre facilitated by Urban Design Skills and Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement. Further details here
  • Street Pride Campaign to rid Marple of street clutter and rubbish.
  • Commissioning of an Independent Urban Design Study of Marple Town Centre
  • Protect our Place - series of workshops for Marple and and Marple Wharf further details here

Public Services

We take a keen interest in, and monitor, the performance of local authority services including:
  •         Neighbourhood Policing
  •         Transport
  •         Environmental and highway services

We attend the monthly Area Committee meetings, where decisions about Marple are made, and upload meeting notes to the website. We also liaise with local councillors and council officers on a regular basis.
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