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Marple Civic Society  - www.marplecivicsociety.org.uk - Last updated 2015
Marple Civic Society is a registered charity that is concerned with all aspects of our town, surrounding villages and countryside within Marple north and south wards.  We work to make our area a better place to live, work and visit.

Marple Civic Society was started by four architects who lived in Marple, with a constitution based on that suggested for the whole country by the Civic Trust, which had been established a few years earlier.

The first project undertaken by the society was in 1961 in connection with a major countrywide plan to get canals back into use for recreational purposes. 

This task was to tidy up and landscape the bank for the basin on the Peak Forest Canal just below the Posset Bridge on Stockport Road.  This was completed in 1966 and formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen the following year.

We are here to help you

We welcome your questions, concerns, requests for advice or help over planning issues, and comments or suggestions concerning the built environment, public realm and the countryside where we live.
For example:
  • Is a certain building listed?
  • Can anything be done about the neglected state of a particular area in the town?
  • I do not like the scheme in a particular planning application, and what should I do?
  • How can I help the Civic Society achieve its aims and objectives?
We need your support

To meet our aims and objectives we need the backing of as many people as possible;
together we can make a difference! Why not join us?

Current subscriptions are:
Individual Membership
Household Membership
Individual Life Membership
Corporate Membership


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